Traffic Management Drones

Operations Configuration

Autonomous Mode

The autonomous traffic management drones operate around a “Mothership” principle shown below (patent no. AU2017100463);

Allocated "Mothership"

Allocated "Mothership"

Autonomous Traffic Management Drones

Autonomous Traffic Management Drones

1.  Allocate Mothership

One of the road construction/vegetation management vehicles is allocated as the "mothership".

2. Set to "Follow"

The drones are programmed to follow the same (or offset) path as the “mothership” but keeping a pre-set distance from the mothership set by the operator.

Signage examples.jpg

3. Custom LED Signage

The digital LED displays on the back of the drones are set remotely by the road construction/vegetation management team to display one of the pre-programed traffic management symbols that are relevant to the works undertaken.  As these are digital, potentially any message can be displayed at the push of a button.