Traffic Management Technology

Slasherteck's Traffic Management technology provides high-tech solutions to the traffic management industry that have a strong focus on operator safety while providing high quality, cost effective solutions.



Remote Control Mode

All of the slasherteck drones can be operated using the provided remote control.  Not only does this provide an easy manual interface to position the drones, it allows the set-up of traffic management on site without exposing workers to dangerous working conditions.  The remote controls can be operated from up to 50 metres away from the drones.

Follow Me.png

Follow Me Mode

The Follow Me mode allows the user to carry a device (manually or in a vehicle) by which the Traffic Management Drones follow the user's exact movements at a specified distance.  This route is automatically mapped and can be used for future runs.

Autonomous Mode

The Slasherteck Traffic Management Drones can be set to autonomous mode for use where the roadworks are mobile.  The system uses a patented "mothership" principle where the drones follow the operations units at set intervals.  The operations follow a pre-determined route via GPS while there are on-board safety systems are in place for any close proximity obstacles.  Geofencing can also be utilised to prevent the drones from entering any particular space that is not desirable.


Electric Vehicles

The drones are fully electric vehicles, with on-board power management systems.  All of the system diagnostics are constantly monitored and can be checked at any time using the on-board tablet.


Solar Charging

The drones power stores are constantly topped up with the solar panels installed on the top of each vehicle.  These are especially useful when the drones are needed to remain in a stationary position for extended periods of time.

Collision Avoidance.png

Collision Avoidance

The Traffic Management Drones have collision avoidance built into each vehicle that can be used in each of the three different modes.  This ensures that the drones are safe to operate in any situation.


High End GPS

The Slasherteck drones are using new high-end GPS systems to ensure the driving paths are accurate within 12mm.  This GPS technology is also used to monitor the drones remotely and provide real-time feedback from Ground Control.

002Deep etch.jpg

LED Screen Technology

Ultra bright digital RGB LED screens are used to display traffic management signage.  These screens can be specified in different sizes and with different pixel densities.  Each drone comes pre-programmed with an array of commonly used signage, with custom signs easily uploaded when needed.