Slasherteck Operations 

(currently accepting expressions of interest)

Through the Slasherteck Operations program, Slasherteck is providing licensing opportunities for Roadside Vegetation  Management, Roadside Asset Management, Roadside Rubbish Management and Traffic Management services across Australia.  These operations licensees will be entitled to the exclusive use of the Slasherteck machinery within each specified region.  A map of Australia and a state by state map of Slasherteck Operations licenses can be found here.

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The Slasherteck Advantage

 The purchase of the license agreement, along with the purchase of the slasherteck equipment will give each licensee major points of difference in providing roadside maintenance and traffic management services to the defined region:


Significant Reduction in the Use of Chemical Spray
The Slasherteck vegetation maintenance equipment provides a mechanical solution to cutting around roadside posts and guard rails - drastically reducing the need for harsh chemical spray.


Increase in Efficiency across all areas
The slashing is completed in a single pass (instead of the need for a secondary process), the rubbish collection is completed by a protected single operator and the roadside traffic management is autonomous, negating the need for manually driven trucks either side of the works being completed. 


Improved WHS outcomes
All of the Slasherteck equipment is operated from the safety of a tractor cabin. This, combined with WHS features specific to each piece of equipment and the reduced number of operators to complete any job, substantially increases the safety of roadside maintenance.
When considering that the autonomous drones are completely removing the need for drivers, the slashing equipment is drastically reducing the worker’s exposure to chemicals and Robocollect is removing groups of rubbish pickers from the dangerous roadside, Slasherteck truly is a champion of Workplace Health and Safety.


Data On-The-Go
All of the slasherteck machinery collects useful data material during each operational run and sends it to the Digital Command Centre database where instances can be logged, damaged assets and any relevant information can be directly sent to the end customer.  The time keeping and Works as Executed imagery is recorded for each job, simplifying the invoicing and administrative elements of running the business.