Roadside Vegetation Management Technology

Our slasher's are purpose built for roadside maintenance.  We not only develop and use the latest in technology, but we have opted for high quality components and manufacture throughout all of our machinery.



The Stationary Frame

The patent pending technology is built around a stationary frame.  This stationary frame enables the internal rotating frame that carries the the blades to rotate around the post at the push of a button.
This construction, using an incredibly rigid stationary frame makes the unit very strong and sturdy.  The use of hydraulic motors throughout the machine provide maximum cutting power, with minimum mechanical complexity.


Work Hardening Mulching Blades

Our slashers have three sets of blades in each unit.  Having three blade sets ensures a consistent, even cut.  The blades are designed to mulch the grass at the time of the cut, breaking down the cut grass to act as food for regeneration..

We have manufactured these blades using a special steel alloy that hardens as they cut.  This prolongs the life of the blades and makes them less prone to damage.


Hydraulic Driven Motors

All of our machines are hydraulic driven.  Our motors are high end, that are specifically made for a prolonged life on high speed usage. Special valves are built into each hydraulic circuit, acting as shock absorbers if the blades hit any rocks or hard objects.

Running all of our units using hydraulics minimises the number of moving components in the system and therefore reduces the chance of mechanical failure.


Guard Rail Slashing

The Reach Arm Mower Head has been designed to slash the vegetation around guard rails without the need to constantly maneuver the mower head in and out along the way.