Roadside Vegetation Management Products


Front Slasher 001.394.jpg


The work horse of the line-up, with a cutting diameter of 1800mm.  This slasher is primarily used for the majority of accessible applications with the ability to clear the vegetation around roadside posts in the same pass.

RAMH Render 2.1 cropped.jpg


The Reach Arm Mower Head has been designed as an attachment to a reach arm, for the clearing of vegetation around and under roadside barriers.

The asymmetric design of the Reach Arm Mower Head enable the unit to stay underneath fences and guard rails as the vegetation is cleared.




The Side Shift Tilt Hitch maximises the effectiveness of the Front Mounted Slasher.  It is positioned between the tractor and the Front Mounted Slasher and allows the slasher to be shifted up to 900mm to the off-side and rotates up to a 15 degree angle to meet the ground profile.



The Side Shift Rotating Arm enables the front slasher to carry and operate a RAMH either side of the unit.  These RAMH stay in the upright position  when not in use and are rotated into an operational position when required.