Our Solution

The Slasher Teck solution is an Australian designed, patent pending innovation.  Our slashers are triple bladed, with one big difference - they can slash around posts. Our technology is built around a stationary frame providing an incredibly strong and durable unit, while having the added advantage of being able to rotate cutting and mulching blades completely around the post.

The SlasherTeck Difference


Out performs conventional slashers for the slashing of the roadside verge

Substantially removes the vegetation around roadside posts.


Provides improved WHS outcomes for the operator

Reduces dramatically road and carriageway incursion by the slasher unit.

Dramatically reduces the need for chemical spray providing improved environmental outcomes.


By retaining the integrity of the roadside reflector and traffic management posts we provide improved road safety outcomes and reduce the potential liability to council

By providing an optional GPS real time works as executed management system we deliver superior  roadside maintenance management control to council

Eliminates the damage or destruction of roadside posts delivering substantial cost savings to council

By providing a mulching option we improve over time the condition of the roadside verge


The Slasher Teck unit will deliver roadside slashing including post vegetation clearing up to 40% faster than existing units and reduce infrastructure repair and replacement costs thus providing substantial cost savings to council.