Slasherteck presents in Hong Kong

On the 25th of January 2015, Slasher Teck Ltd's (ASSOB: STC) special consultant Norm Boyle returned from a very fruitful trip to Hong Kong and Guangzhou on behalf of Slasher Teck. 

Mr Boyle was part of the latest delegation hosted by Think Global Consulting at the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) event titled “Invest in Australia Mission”. The AFF is a deal-matching and networking opportunity held in high esteem in the Asia-Pacific region. Participants include those “pitching” their products and services and potential partners who may be open to funding or joint ventures. In general, such missions are seen as a way of developing long term commercial partnerships between China and Australia for mutual benefit.

The Company reports that Mr Boyle was impressed by the event, hosted primarily by Dr Caroline Hong and David Thomas. He was able to present the virtues of Slasher Teck to a full gallery, plus have one-on-one meetings with people from funds management right through to agribusiness specialists.