It's all about the Post!

Our slasher is a triple bladed mulching unit, with one big difference - it can slash around posts.

Rotating Frame.jpg

Our technology is built around a stationary frame providing an incredibly strong and durable unit, while having the added advantage of being able to rotate the blades completely around the post.

How it works in practice


1. Approach

Our slasher cuts the verge as a normal slasher until it approaches a post.  At this point the operator engages the post to start the post-slashing process.

how it works 06.jpg


2. Engaged

Once the slasher has engaged the post, the internal rotating frame rotates the blades to cut around the post and then return to its original position (approx 20 seconds).

how it works 07.jpg



3. Continue

The operator continues along the roadside and repeats process at every post encountered.