About Slasherteck.

Slasherteck Ltd is an Australian company that is focused on Revolutionising Roadside Maintenance.  All of our machines have been designed to provide solutions to the problems that have plagued the efficiency of roadside maintenance for many years.

Slasherteck is a NSW based operation, with a National and International focus.  All of our machinery designed and manufactured in Australia.


Slasherteck's core technology simply revolves around the post


The stationary frame element in all of our cutting machines enables the internal rotating frame that carries the the blades to rotate around roadside posts at the push of a button.
This construction, using a rigid stationary frame makes each of the Slasherteck slashers incredibly strong and sturdy.  We use hydraulic motors across our entire range of slashers.  In simple terms, this means maximum cutting power, with minimum mechanical complexity.


Revolutionising Roadside Maintenance 

Slasherteck's mission is to revolutionise roadside maintenance.  This broad industry has been broken down into four areas that Slasherteck is focussing on:

Roadside Vegetation Management.png

Roadside Vegetation Management

Roadside Asset Management.png

Roadside Asset Management


Roadside Rubbish Management


Traffic Management


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We have a passion for innovation.


We have a team that we are proud of.  Driven by innovation, our board of Directors and key Personnel are all focused on providing solutions and disrupting the market of roadside maintenance.


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